“He listens to what you want and helps you get what you need.”

Father Jon VanderPloeg

The Catholic Church of Saint Paul

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Energizing Corporate & Employee Performance

Staffing and Candidate Selection

Jericho Consulting will help you Hire the Best!

Selecting the best employee for your company means more than simply looking for the most qualified. It means developing an understanding of their core competencies, limitations and potential. It means ensuring that they will become part of a cohesive team. It means making sure they will:

  • Fit into the culture of the organization
  • Understand and accept the Vision of the organization
  • Understand their role and will work toward the achievement of goals
  • Be a valuable asset to your organization

The strategic selection interview process begins with understanding the culture of the organization and the open position followed by a comprehensive strategic interview with the candidate. Then, utilizing a strategic assessment process which includes assessing the candidate’s personality, values, managerial skills and problem solving abilities, Jericho will analyze the information and the results of the interview.

Finally, Jericho will provide a written report that shows the extent to which the candidate’s profile is congruent with the position, the company, the position's specific work group, and the manager to whom he or she will report. The decision will ultimately be yours - but with the information Jericho provides, the decision will be easier.

Assessments Include:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) — Provides an understanding of individual personality types as well as the skills needed to identify the personality types of others for the development of a cohesive team
  • 16 PF — Takes the MBTI and applies Interest Inventory and Career Development needs
  • Managerial Styles Survey — Determines the strength of managerial style in six unique categories
  • Problem Management Survey — Reviews four Participative steps and four Analytical steps needed in effective problem solving
  • Personal Values Survey — Assists in aligning personal values with career goals

For a quote on having Jericho assist you to Hire the Best, contact us at jbudnick@jerichousa.com.

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