“Joe wants to help you figure things out, rather than figure them out for you."

Craig Benson

Minnesota Wire

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Jericho Testimonials

  • Ed O'Conner

    CFO, Octane Fitness

    We now have a system to quantify performance which enables better communication between employees an supervisors during evaluations. It gives us a direct correlation between performance and compensation.



  • Dennis Lee

    CEO - Octane Fitness

    He has done a good job of helping us identify talent. It allows me to be more successful and allows the company to be more successful.

    I have done some testing and evaluation with Joe to learn a little more about how I operate. Joe has facilitated 360-degree evaluations with the staff and board to help me recognize opportunities for improvement.

    Joe wasn’t there in the beginning of our company and we made some hiring mistakes. He started assisting us in 2002 and has been with us ever since to improve our hiring decisions.

    With Joe, we developed a review process and we now have a package that provides a performance review that relates to our key values.

    If you want to get the right people on the bus, which everyone says and knows they want, you need to live it - you have to put in the effort. You have to watch the details and put in the extra effort to ensure you get a candidate who is a good fit with your culture and a good fit for the position.

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Employee Selection

  • Ed O’Conner

    CFO - Octane Fitness

    Joe personally helped interview me and administered a personality assessment. His analysis made me feel confident that I could leave my previous employer because Octane was a good fit.

    With Joe we feel more sure new hires are a good, long-term fit. We can see qualifications for a job on a resume, but they also need to fit with personality and Vision.

    We now have a system to quantify performance which enables better communication between employees an supervisors during evaluations. It gives us a direct correlation between performance and compensation.

    Joe worked with us to adapt his tools to suit our needs.

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Organizational Development

  • Father Jon VanderPloeg

    The Catholic Church of Saint Paul

    Joe helped us figure out what we needed to learn through an extensive survey. First, before hand, in developing a survey and then breaking the results down into helpful bits of usable information.

    He is very good at going through the interview process and allowing others to learn from his experience.

    He listens to what you want and helps you get what you need.

    Joe asks questions that just help ahead of time. He’s very disciplined at discovering what is the goal. He’s very personable and at ease; that helps you get to the root of your question.

    Joe is an excellent interviewer, consultant and surveyor who asks the right questions.

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Personal Development

  • Joan Steffend Brandmeier

    TV Personality and Author

    He has provided the opportunity to really see myself and what my gifts and strengths are. He also helped me discover areas of growth within myself. He constructed a plan for me that allowed me to use my strengths and to build a team to get the work done that I want to get done. That seemed insurmountable before because I thought if I have to do it, I don’t have the capacity to do it. So it just stopped me cold. But he gave me an outline to find a way to move forward using my strengths and other people’s strengths.

    Joe wants to see you as you are, not as the head of a company, a cog in a corporation or an indiscriminate part of a whole. So you feel like you have the capacity to help achieve a business’ goal.

    He sat down and dreamed up things I would not have dreamed up myself. He makes everything seem doable and never too big a project.

    Close to being touched by an angel. He’s passionate about helping people. In meeting his family and friends you see his commitment to people. I appreciate him immensely.

    If you want someone who’s not out to get something for themselves, someone who genuinely wants to help, Joe is a mentor in the world. It’s a gift you shouldn’t turn down.

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  • 50th & France Business and Professional Association
  • ALS Therapy Development Institute
  • Bloomington Fine Art Center
  • Bloomington Fine Arts Council
  • Cannon Falls Chamber of Commerce
  • Champps Restaurants
  • Catholic Church of Saint Paul
  • Catholic Church of Saint Michael
  • Coon Rapids Floral
  • Executive Women International
  • Fairway Foods, Inc.
  • Fingerhut Companies
  • Fittante’s County Market
  • Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
  • Greater Metro Automobile Dealers Assn.
  • Hiway Federal Credit Union
  • IntAgra, Inc.
  • Johnsonville Foods
  • Lunds Grocery Store
  • Minnesota Credit Union Network
  • Minnesota Wire and Cable
  • National Grocers Association (NGA)
  • New York Food Merchants Association
  • Northwest Airlines, Inc.
  • Octane Fitness
  • Produce Marketing Association (PMA)
  • Retail Employees Credit Union
  • ROS Stores, Inc.
  • Saint Patrick's Catholic Church
  • The Way of the Shepherd Catholic Montessori Education Center & Atrium
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