“Joe wants to help you figure things out, rather than figure them out for you."

Craig Benson

Minnesota Wire

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Jericho Listens to Your Story … Because Everyone has Story to Tell.

Joe BudnickAt Jericho Consulting, we believe the road to greater employee performance, profitability, and goal achievement begins with listening. While some consultants focus on listening to your problem and attempting to blindly solve it, we believe the most effective way to solve problems is to first understand your story; your history and your culture. Only then can an effective solution be designed to fit your specific needs.

Your story encompasses the history of your company — its values and mission, and the successes you’ve achieved. It also includes any current problems, how they occured, and the various contributing factors. But most importantly, your story is about your dreams for the future — where you want to go with your organization and what you will achieve.

This is your story, and as such, we tailor solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Your story and our corporate philosophy follow much of the same path.  Similar to our logo of the flourishing tree, over the years your company has developed a solid root system detailed in your history, corporate Values, Vision and Mission. For some organizations, their roots may not be as clear.  In these situations, we work with various employee groups to gain a greater understanding of the company, then we help to couple corporate history with corporate values enabling the company to solidify its Vision.

Jericho TreeJust as the trunk of a tree transfers the nutrients and supports the branches, organizations grow through solid leadership which supports the organization and provides associates with the tools to achieve organizational goals. This process begins with fully understanding the gifts and abilities of all team members and using those talents to develop an achievable strategic plan. Our dynamic workshops spark this process and one-on-one coaching ensures success.

Finally, the beauty of the tree, just as the success of an organization, is recognized when the canopy is full and vibrant. In organizations this is achieved when every associate knows how to successfully perform their job and is focused on achieving results. Our performance management software helps managers strengthen employee performance while removing subjectivity from compensation management. With our software and dynamic programs, we help organizations improve their ability to communicate, motivate, delegate, evaluate and celebrate the success, both large and small.

But from time to time our tree’s canopy becomes so full that it needs to be pruned. This is similar to organizations that lose their focus and begin adding activities which do not complement their Vision, goals or strategies. With the help of Jericho Consulting, we will help you strategically prune activities or determine how to reorganize to get your organization back on the right track to success.

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