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Energizing Corporate & Employee Performance


Since 1988, we have helped organizations accomplish their goals by implementing processes that enable employees and management to work together more effectively toward a common goal. At Jericho Consulting, we believe that an organization’s ability to arrive at a Vision and communicate it to employees is the key to a successful operation. The communication of  Vision incorporates two important pieces. First it acknowledges what the organization currently is, and secondly it communicates what it desires to be. We work with all levels of management to maximize the potential of each employee while linking unique abilities and talents with the Vision of your company. These collaborations brings your company dynamic results.

Areas of service

Organizational Development

At Jericho Consulting, we believe, and our research has shown, that organizations achieve success because they have created a shared Vision of what they are and what they aspire to be.  The key to this Vision, as well as achieving organizational goals, is an understanding and appreciation of the individual employees who comprise your company, as well as an understanding of your key customers.

Staffing and Candidate Selection

Selecting the best employee for your company means more than simply looking for the most qualified. It means developing an understanding of their core competencies, limitations and potential. It means ensuring that they will become part of a cohesive team.

Performance Management

The success of managers and supervisors, and that of their organizations, depends upon maximizing the performance of their staff. Proper associate appraisal and development is essential. Performance appraisal and associate development, along with goal setting and planning, are some of the most effective tools management can use to maximize associate performance because these activities provide a framework for communication and advancement. MAPS can help you attain your own goals and those of your associates as you work together toward maximizing organizational effectiveness.

Seminars & Presentations

For more than 25 years, we have designed workshops and seminars to inform, involve and inspire participants. Using humor and a lighthearted approach, our seminars deliver a clear message with practical tips participants can begin using immediately.

Other Jericho Consulting Services

Since 1988 Jericho has been providing custom services to a wide range of clients. To see just some of the services we have provided, take a look here!

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