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Welcome to Our New Site

Posted May 15, 2011 @ 8:46pm | by Joe

Welcome to the new web-site of Jericho Consulting! For the past five months I have had the pleasure of working with Space2Burn, a web-site developer, in the creation of this site and words cannot express how pleased I am with the work they have done. Having been doing what I do for the past 20+ years, it is sometimes difficult to articulate to others exactly what I do. Jon, Trevor and Andrea at Space2Burn have worked to clarify our business model while setting goals and objectives for launching the site. So what you see here is a culmination of their work. So a special thank you goes out to them!

I also want to say thanks to all of my clients, present and past, who shared with Space2Burn comments about the work I have done for them. As I read through their words, I was truly humbled. I will continue to work hard to live up to all of your comments. Thank you!

Now to the blog! I have always enjoyed movies and television programs. I believe that, while some may say that art imitates life, within every film or program, there is at least one quote which is meaningful and that we can apply to our personal life. So let's explore this one.

"It's OK to think about things you'd like to do until its time to start doing the things you were meant to do."

I really like this quote because I have always believed that we are here, on this earth, for a specific purpose … that there is something that we are meant to do. This applies to individuals and to corporations alike. The difficulty is that many people and many companies do not know why they exist. For the past 20+ years Jericho has had the opportunity to work with many great individuals and companies to define their core purpose and then to assist in developing the action steps necessary to fulfill their mission. If you believe there is something that you were meant to do but can't quite define it, contact us.

For those of you who are interested, the quote comes from Jim Morris Sr. as he speaks to his son, Jim, in the movie The Rookie.

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