“He listens to what you want and helps you get what you need.”

Father Jon VanderPloeg

The Catholic Church of Saint Paul

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Energizing Corporate & Employee Performance

Seminars & Presentations

Inspire your workforce!

For more than 25 years, Joe Budnick has designed workshops and seminars to inform, involve and inspire participants. Using humor and a lighthearted approach, Joe delivers a clear message with practical tips that participants can begin using immediately.

Joe Budnick’s seminars, workshops and keynotes serve two purposes. First, Joe’s topics enlighten attendees by providing new information in everyday human development, business management, human resource management and employee motivation. Secondly, and most importantly, they are designed to have a call to action. They provide attendees with skills and encouragement to modify behavior and improve specific situations. At Jericho we can help to equip employees with the necessary tools and information to do their job and then encourage them to do their best.


The Power of P3: Your Equation for Success

In engineering terms it's called "Form Follows Function". In mathematics, it's a formula. In life, it's a process which can be followed to achieve success in whatever you set out to accomplish. The formula we use to help you maximize your results is:

S = f [ (I3 + C3) (P3) + (V1 + V2 + M) ] * PMA

If you're looking for a formula to help you accomplish your goals and/or dreams for your life or your career, this unique program will help you discover the secrets of achieving the success you've always imagined. It's the Power of P3!

Maximizing Team Performance

Maximizing Team Performance is a unique workshop designed to give participants detailed insight into successful teams as well as tools to implement that insight for more effective, more productive and more enjoyable work. Maximizing Team Performance uncovers group gifts and strengths and explores problem solving approaches, team roles, communication styles, and conflict resolutions techniques. Managers learn to match individuals to productive roles and are trained to turn meetings into problem solving, team building events.

Attracting, Selecting and Retaining the Right Employees for Your Company

Millions of candidates are hired each year at staggering costs. According to Human Resource Experts and business consultants, productivity levels are declining due in part to ineffective employee selection. If you want to develop a productive, loyal and concerned staff, this program will get you the results you’re looking for.

Finding Mayberry in a Star Wars World

This program is designed to help individuals gain greater control over their lives, allowing for more enjoyable and fulfilling lives. In today’s 24/7 society, we are encouraged to fill every moment of our day and are judged by how many activities we involve ourselves in and how much we accomplish. Finding Mayberry helps participants identify areas where they have seemingly lost control, regain control and identify personal priorities and values. Through your discovery of Mayberry, you’ll learn the paths and principles to a more rewarding and simpler lifestyle while you uncover the proper work-life balance for your unique situation.

Achieving 1st Class Customer Service

In today’s competitive business environment, there is one quality that always positions a company over the others. That quality is a commitment to unceasingly deliver 1st Class Customer Service. In this workshop, participants will be reminded of the primary aspects of customer service and learn how to take their service to the next level.

Developing Successful Leadership Skills

In today’s global marketplace, developing the leadership skills to lead a diverse workforce is critical to operational success. While it is possible to manage a group to profitability, it takes leadership to reach the next level. This workshop details leadership qualities necessary for today’s manager to create a successful tomorrow.

Effective Delegation Skills

Why is it difficult to delegate responsibility to subordinates? Most managers explain this challenge in terms of a lack trust or fear of letting go. In this workshop, we’ll provide guidelines for setting up checks and balances, which will ensure a successful hand off … not a fumble. To avoid bad plays in a competitive business environment, this is one workshop you’ll want to attend.

To learn more about the program topics above, how they can be customized to suit your employee or management team’s needs, or to arrange a speaking engagement, contact jbudnick@jerichousa.com.
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