“He listens to what you want and helps you get what you need.”

Father Jon VanderPloeg

The Catholic Church of Saint Paul

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Energizing Corporate & Employee Performance

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Business planning and strategy implementation

  • Business plan development for retail grocers, retail florist, catholic elementary school, movie theater, and family entertainment center
  • Development of three acquisition teams to purchase various retail companies
  • Comprehensive analysis of retail store operations and recommendations for improvement
  • Assisted retailers in creating a Vision for their company and establish the action plans necessary to move toward their Vision
  • Development, production and ownership of industry leading produce identification guide designed to reduce front-end shrinkage in grocery stores
  • Organizational planning and re-engineering


  • Developed and implemented fee-for-service training program for wholesale grocery industry
  • Wrote various training manuals/handbooks utilizing programmed learning techniques
  • Developed, wrote, designed and produced employee orientation manuals and videos
  • Development and presentation of various training programs including leadership, customer service, hiring, communications and performance evaluation
  • Developed self-directed management training programs
  • Developed and implemented “Certified” training programs

Personality testing and professional development

  • Identification of management and key leadership candidates using various assessment tools including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, 16 PF and Value Survey
  • Executive development program to maximize leadership abilities while managing limitations
  • Employee assessment and development using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and several other assessment tools
  • Personal leadership coach

Performance and compensation

  • Development and implementation of comprehensive performance management system for retail, manufacturing, service, and banking/financial services employees (MAPS)
  • Development and implementation of performance-based bonus compensation system for executives, management and supervisory personnel (Eyes on Excellence)
  • Developed scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs

Customer and employee satisfaction

  • Investigation and resolution of severe customer complaints
  • Development, implementation and analysis of employee and customer surveys; wrote action plans to address issues raised and enhance areas of strength


  • Execution of hiring agreements, separation agreements, and complete recruitment and selection of management staffing up to and including company President
  • Development of decision matrix for hiring of key positions; includes technical, personal and situational musts and wishes
  • Developed format for reviewing all positions and building job descriptions


  • Successful product creation, development, manufacturing and marketing of the Original Fireplace Blanket
  • Video production of various orientation and training programs
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