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Performance Management

An easy-to-use performance appraisal system that takes the guess work out of salary administration.

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Managing Associate Performance Software (MAPS) is a system for:

  • Evaluating associate performance and measuring achievements
  • Communicating your expectations to associates
  • Rewarding good producers
  • Documenting steps to correct nonproductive performance

The success of managers and supervisors, and that of their organizations, depends upon maximizing the performance of their staff. Proper associate appraisal and development is essential. Performance appraisal and associate development, along with goal setting and planning, are some of the most effective tools management can use to maximize associate performance because these activities provide a framework for communication and advancement. MAPS can help you attain your own goals and those of your associates as you work together toward maximizing organizational effectiveness.

MAPS also helps to develop a process for improving associate skills, increasing associate longevity, and making fair and equitable decisions about salary adjustments. Most of all, MAPS is a tool for bringing expectations into the open, thereby fostering a sense of mutual accomplishments, cooperation and teamwork within your group.

How MAPS works

Designed to run on Microsoft Excel (2008 or newer), MAPS can be branded specifically for your company. MAPS uses a series of competencies (which can be customized to meet your needs) each of which is weighted and rated based upon an associate’s position and performance. Competencies evaluated are in the areas of personal qualities, managerial/leadership for supervisors and adherence to core values. Once completed, MAPS makes recommendations for salary increases based upon the associate’s current salary and CompaRatio coupled with their Performance Factor. And while there is a degree of subjectivity when writing a performance appraisal, MAPS takes the subjectivity out of the salary administration aspect of performance management. No more having to justify the salary increase, or lack thereof.

You Receive

As part of the MAPS Software, you receive several tools to help improve your employees’ performance, including:

  • 30 day Evaluation for New Employees
  • 90 day Evaluation for New Employees
  • Corrective Action Notice
  • MAPS for Associates/Supervisors

For further information on how MAPS can benefit your company, email Jericho at jbudnick@jerichousa.com.

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